Training and Support

Fletcher Yoder takes great pride in cultivating top-flight attorneys. The firm offers a comprehensive formal program of associate training and continuing legal education. In addition, associates work directly with shareholders in order to accelerate the associate’s training and maximize the associate’s efficiency. Because the firm believes that the ability to communicate with clients and to address their concerns is of the utmost importance, associates begin working directly with clients at the earliest opportunity.

The firm offers a wide variety of legal research resources, and associates remain up to date on the most recent legal developments in our in-house CLE luncheons. Associates are also challenged by a wide variety of technologies and legal issues in order to develop a diversified and well-balanced knowledge base.

First Year Orientation and Training Modules

Fletcher Yoder has developed a series of training modules designed to guide first year associates and agents through a variety of topics relating to the practice of intellectual property law.  We believe these internally-developed modules accelerate the learning process and more quickly develop the skills necessary to benefit our clients.

First Year Mentor Program

Fletcher Yoder has a strong team culture and a mentor program that is designed to incorporate new employees into the Fletcher Yoder team.  First year associates and agents, as well as lateral associates and agents, are assigned a mentor and a sponsor.  Generally, the mentor is a junior associate or junior agent, and the sponsor is a shareholder, senior associate, senior agent, or other associate or agent with significant supervisory experience.  The mentor and the sponsor work together to support new team members as they begin their careers with Fletcher Yoder.  We believe this mentor program benefits our new associates and agents by providing them with the skill sets and relationships necessary to further their careers.