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EnOcean GmbH v. Face Int’l Corp.

Case Number: CLB0324

Date: 01.31.2014

35 U.S.C. § 112, ¶6 is not invoked, in the absence of reciting the term “means”, if those skilled in the art understand the structural significance of the claim language. Also, in means-plus-function claims, even if a disputed term is not limited to a single structure, the disputed term is not disqualified as a corresponding structure as long as a class of structures is identifiable by a skilled artisan.

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Hyatt v. Doll

Case Number: CLB0227

Date: 08.11.2009

Evidence not submitted by an applicant during prosecution or appeal is not admissible as a matter of right, and may not be admissible at all in a subsequent court appeal. The Federal Circuit will likely apply an equity-like standard when considering the admissibility of such evidence.

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