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Ex parte Gutta

Case Number: CLB0236

Date: 08.10.2009

The B.P.A.I. finds that claims directed to a system (reciting a memory and a processor configured to perform certain steps) and an article of manufacture (reciting a computer readable medium having computer readable program code embodied thereon) are not directed to patentable subject matter because the claims are not limited to a tangible practical application and are not limited so as to avoid encompassing substantially all practical applications of an algorithm.

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Ex parte Lundgren

Case Number: CLB0094

Date: 09.28.2005

There is no judicially recognized “technological arts” test; a method claim that applies an algorithm to produce a useful, concrete, and tangible result is directed to statutory subject matter under 35 U.S.C. § 101, irrespective of whether the claimed invention is directed to the “technological arts.”

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