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Petrella v. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Inc. (MGM)

Case Number: CLB0340

Date: 05.19.2014

Laches does not bar plaintiff’s claim for infringement of copyright in a motion picture screenplay relating to conduct falling within Copyright Act’s three-year statute even though plaintiff did not file suit until 18 years after renewing the copyright.

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International Rectifier Corp. v. IXYS Corp.

Case Number: CLB0059

Date: 03.18.2004

In International Rectifier, the Federal Circuit held that claim terms must be construed in accordance with the ordinary and customary meaning assigned to them by those skilled in the art unless the specification either 1) sets forth a different meaning or 2) uses words that manifest a “clear disavowal of claim scope.” The Court vacated the District Court’s summary judgment of infringement and remanded the case back to the District Court for consideration consistent with the Federal Circuit’s claim interpretation.

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Motorvac Technologies Inc. v. Norco Industries Inc.

Case Number: CLB0040

Date: 01.12.2004

Accused infringer moving for summary judgment that infringement action is barred by laches has not demonstrated that patentee’s delay of three and one-half years, during which time it was undertaking reexamination of patent in suit, was an unreasonable delay in filing a claim for infringement.

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