Results for Interference

Noelle v. Lederman

Case Number: CLB0050

Date: 01.20.2004

In evaluating claims to determine whether an interference-in-fact exists, only the subject matter of the claims is to be evaluated, not otherwise disclosed but unclaimed subject matter.

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NTP Inc. v. Research In Motion Ltd.

Case Number: CLB0026

Date: 05.23.2003

Plaintiff is entitled to enhanced damages for infringement of patents for wireless e-mail transmission system, since defendant’s investigation of infringement accusations was insufficient to meet its duty of care, and in view of its significant investment income from infringing products, defendant can withstand award of enhanced damages.

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Taskett v. Dentlinger

Case Number: CLB0036

Date: 09.26.2003

Determining that an invention would work for its intended purpose does not require that the invention be tested under conditions of actual, commercial use.

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