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Sunoco Partners Marketing & Terminals L.P. v. U.S. Venture, Inc. and U.S. Oil Co., Inc.

Case Number: CLB0503

Date: 04.29.2022

A promise to buy goods from a supplier separate from a patented invention can qualify as the requisite consideration for a valid contract to satisfy the “on-sale” condition, and pre- and post-installation testing clauses in an agreement may not be sufficient to qualify for the experimental use doctrine unless they evidence that the primary purpose of the sale was to conduct experimentation.

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In re Cygnus Telecommunications Technology LLC Patent Litigation

Case Number: CLB0224

Date: 08.19.2008

The Federal Circuit held a patent invalid under the 35 U.S.C. § 102(b) on-sale bar test of Pfaff because (1) the invention was ready for patenting, based on a declaration by the inventor that the invention was “reduced to practice,” and (2) the invention was the subject of a commercial sale, based on the fact that testers were invoiced for calls made during beta testing, prior to the critical date.

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Minton v. National Association of Securities Dealers Inc.

Case Number: CLB0021

Date: 07.29.2003

Infringement plaintiff’s lease of computer program and telecommunications network to brokerage firm constituted “sale,” within meaning of 35 U.S.C. § 102(b), for purposes of assessing validity of plaintiff’s patent for interactive securities trading systems since plaintiff conveyed fully operational computer program implementing claimed method.

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