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In re Power Integrations, Inc.

Case Number: CLB0410

Date: 03.19.2018

Although reexamination proceedings are not generally bound by prior judicial construction of a claim term, a claim term still must be given its broadest reasonable interpretation in light of the specification.

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Ex parte Schulhauser

Case Number: CLB0383

Date: 04.28.2016

With respect to the method claims, the Board does not give patentable weight to conditional limitations that are not necessarily performed. However, with respect to system claims, the Board may give such conditional limitations patentable weight.

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In re Imes

Case Number: CLB0344

Date: 01.29.2015

A broadest reasonable interpretation of a claim term must be consistent with the pain meaning of the term or with the specification.

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In re Skvorecz

Case Number: CLB0232

Date: 09.03.2009

The Federal Circuit finds that the B.P.A.I. incorrectly construed the claim term “comprising”, further noting that the protocol of giving claims their broadest reasonable interpretation during examination is solely an examination expedient and does not include giving claims a legally incorrect interpretation.

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