Results for attorney fees

International Rectifier Corp. v. Samsung Electronics Co.

Case Number: CLB0109

Date: 09.23.2005

District court abused its discretion in denying award of attorneys’ fees to intervenor in contempt proceedings against infringement defendants, since intervenor’s motion for fee award was not untimely, since mere fact that party voluntarily intervened does not preclude award of attorneys’ fees, and since award was proper under applicable state law.

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Juicy Whip Inc. v. Orange Bang Inc.

Case Number: CLB0085

Date: 09.03.2004

Lost profits, according to the “entire market value rule,” may be recovered based on the value of the entire device including non-patented materials or components provided that a functional relationship exists between the patented device and the unpatented material or component. A functional relationship between a patented device and an unpatented material used with the device is not precluded by the fact that the device can be used with other materials, or that the unpatented material can be used with other devices.

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NTP Inc. v. Research In Motion Ltd.

Case Number: CLB0026

Date: 05.23.2003

Plaintiff is entitled to enhanced damages for infringement of patents for wireless e-mail transmission system, since defendant’s investigation of infringement accusations was insufficient to meet its duty of care, and in view of its significant investment income from infringing products, defendant can withstand award of enhanced damages.

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