Results for 35 U.S.C. § 112

Ex parte Gutta

Case Number: CLB0236

Date: 08.10.2009

The B.P.A.I. finds that claims directed to a system (reciting a memory and a processor configured to perform certain steps) and an article of manufacture (reciting a computer readable medium having computer readable program code embodied thereon) are not directed to patentable subject matter because the claims are not limited to a tangible practical application and are not limited so as to avoid encompassing substantially all practical applications of an algorithm.

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Gentry Gallery Inc. v. Berkline Corp.

Case Number: CLB0170

Date: 01.27.1998

In view of the specification and testimony that the inventor had not, at the time the patent application was filed, considered a particular structural arrangement encompassed by claims broadened during prosecution, the Federal Circuit invalidates these claims based on the written description requirement.

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LizardTech Inc. v. Earth Resource Mapping Inc.

Case Number: CLB0168

Date: 10.04.2005

Patentee cannot always satisfy written description requirement, in supporting expansive claim language, merely by clearly describing one embodiment of the claimed invention; specification of patent for method of digital compression using discreet wavelet transforms, which discloses single method of creating “seamless” DWT, does not entitle inventor to claim any and all means for achieving that objective.

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