Results for 35 U.S.C. § 112 ¶ 6

Dyfan, LLC, v. Target Corporation

Case Number: CLB0496

Date: 03.24.2022

The overall means-plus-function analysis is a two-step process (1) determine whether a claim limitation is drafted in means-plus-function format (2) determine what structure if any disclosed in the specification corresponds to claim function.

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Rain Computing, Inc. vs. Samsung, Inc.

Case Number: CLB0472

Date: 03.02.2021

Claims may invoke § 112 ¶ 6 and be held indefinite if, read in light of the specification, the claims fail to provide sufficient structure for performing a function. In cases where the function is performed by a general purpose computer, an algorithm may be required to disclose how the computer performs to accomplish the function.

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